Why you should try Mornington’s Food and Drink

The rich red soils and natural environment of the Mornington Peninsula is nothing but all inviting for artisans to get their hands busy with the best of wines, beers, ciders and Spirits to be produced from its famous vineyards and gardens. The area is home to many winery Restaurants, casual cafes, artisan food producers, farmer markets, gardens and farm gates. Check out the key trails to indulge in a day full of food and drink which you’ll never regret.

The Farm-Gate Trail

Mornington’s farmgate trail lets you get a wholesome experience trying out food and wines freshly produced from the farms. The tour lets you try out seasonal delicacies, shop and even learn all about how they’ve been produced. There’s something in store for every season. Summers bring cherries and berries, autumn promises pears and apples; winter brings in seasonal produce from the hinterlands whilst you enjoy hot soups and pizzas with your favorite glass of wine beside a fireplace. Spring is all about the freshness of vegetables and fruits.

All year round, the market gardens and farms sell fresh produce such as seafood, cheese, chocolates, eggs, and honey and olive groves. Of course, there are gourmet stores selling these for you but meeting with the farmers and artisans are a one of a kind experience as well. Mornington’s Farm-gates are spread throughout the peninsula.

The Beer, Cider and Spirits Trail

Get your maps in hand and follow the Beer, Cider and Spirits trail to get your hands on freshly brewed favouritesserved in the most inviting spaces to sit in with your family and friends. Whether it’s a Lager, Brown Ale or Pale Ale, beers come in a variety including Summer Ales, Pilsener, Irish Stout, Pale Ale, Brown, Witbier, porter and specialty beers made to suit styles and seasons. The Ciders are sweet, dry and classic. The traditional apple cider is a common favorite. The rich botanicals feed into the spirits.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Cellar Doors

Mornington’s dining and drinking is quite a serious affair. The Peninsula is home to a number of Restaurants, Cafes,andBistros. Some of them are the known as Victoria’s best. You can dine and snack overlooking breathtaking sea views, fresh vineyards,and calming lakes. The menus have loads of options to choose from including fine wines, beers, ciders,and spirits.

Over 50 wineries have cellar doors so that you can sip in and discover the best Pinot Noirs, Chardonnay’s and the latest Shiraz, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio. Or else get your hands on those fresh handcrafted beers and unique gin, vodka,andgrappas.  When it comes to 5 star accommodation Morningtonpeninsula offers a top up to your tour.


Artisan retailers sell almost everything that has been produced locally. Be it wines, beers, ciders, spirits or other goodies. You can get everything in one stop. The shops also have little giveaways and specialty foods made from other areas.

Classes and Workshops

Finally, the human assets of Mornington are here to give away a little bit of their expertise through a few creative lessons on how to create some of that mouth-watering treats at home. Learn how to make wood fire pizza, sourdough bread or even learn the art of cheese and sausage making. Try out and personalize your gin or sparkling wine at a distillery. Besides after all the eating and drinking, it’s better to learn something out of it.

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