Tips to Have a Fun Road Trip with the Gang

With budget airlines offering cheap flights and affordable hostels and B&B emerging every minute, almost everyone planning a holiday decides to travel by air even if it is local travel. The appeal of riding a car and driving for hours seems to have been forgotten. But going on a road trip is fun. On your next holiday, be sure to ask all the gang to pack their bags and go on an adventure with you and the road.

With a little planning, more than enough pocket money and a thirst for exploration, vacation with friends while on the road will be more fun, memorable and will surely strengthen your bond.

Ensure Your Vehicle Is In Tip-Top Shape

Clean your vehicle before the trip. Throw away all take out containers and receipts you could not reimburse. Replenish what you think will be needed during the trip, tissue papers, wet wipes, plastic bags and air fresheners for those stinky “accidents”. Change the batteries in your trusty compact flashlight. Bring your car to your favorite mechanic to check everything. Inspect if your vehicle is due for a change oil, or if the brake fluid is still adequate. Ask your mechanic for a recommendation for tyre pressure monitors to maintain you peace of mind during the trip, since a busted tire will surely dampen everyone’s good mood.

Make Flexible Plans

Planning is advisable but doesn’t be a stick in the mud if things did not go the way as planned. Before the trip, prepare extra wiggle room for mishaps so the whole itinerary will not be put into jeopardy, especially if you have prior reservations. While on the road something unexpected happening must also be considered like passing by the world’s biggest doll out of toothpaste tube or the world’s biggest raft made out of chopsticks. You know you have to stop for that for a rare photo opportunity.

Pack Lightly

But don’t forget to pack the essentials. If you are travelling during summer, no need to lug bulky comforter or thick jackets. If there will be no chance for you to wash your clothes during the trip, make sure you pack enough and opt for clothes that serve double purposes. A shirt with a hoodie to give you shade when it’s hot and protection for light drizzles. The things you will need the most during the trip should always be in your reach, so you would not disturb your friends by asking them to rummage around your bag looking for your anti-dizziness medication. Also, don’t forget to pack the car’s extra key to avoid locking out incidents. It would be hard to call a locksmith if you are in the middle of nowhere.

Enjoy The Moment

There are times when we feel like every moment during the road trip is an “instagrammable” opportunity. If you keep on worrying trying to capture the “perfect sunset” or thinking of a spot-on hashtag, you will miss some inside jokes or the time a friend suddenly sang loudly off key. A road trip is also a perfect way to detox from social media. You will have plenty of time to post all those wonderful photos when you come back from the trip.

Indulge in the wonderful sights around you. Breathe in the fresh air and be grateful for the chance to have an escapade on the road with your friends. Make lots of memories that you could reminisce about and tide you over till your next adventure.

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