Must Have Items in A Camping Trip

Camping trips can be really difficult if you don’t have all the necessary items with you. If you are new to the experience of camping it important to know that there are many items, you need to take with you then just your tent and a GPS. So, if you are planning to go on camping for the first time and is wondering what are the items you need to have without, take a look at the following items.

Items for the Campsite

The main items that should be on your list are tents with footprint and stakes. Tent footprints are important as they are used as a ground cloth under tents to prevent the tent from wear and tear against the earth. Tent stakes of tent pegs are used to hold the tent against the ground. You will also need sleeping bags and sleeping pads, camping pillows, flashlights, a lantern camp chairs and a camp table or a picnic table. You will also need to pack some extra batteries for your flashlight and if needed, for the lantern as well. make sure you have your phone charged so you can make a call whenever you needed or check your directions.

Be Ready to Prepare Your Food

Apart from the campsite items you ill also need to take items for your temporary campsite kitchen. This mostly includes the utensils you will need to prepare the food. You will have to take a stove and enough fuel, matches or a fire starter, plates and bowls, cups, cooking pots and pans and utensils that will be needed for eating. You will also need a cooler to keep certain foods fresh. Make sure to pack enough drinking water on your camping trip as well. You can pack water bottles enough for all the members who are participating. Looking for wholesale options when buying water will be more convenient and cheaper when carrying water for a camping trip.

Safe and Comfortable Clothing

In order to stay comfortable in your camping trip, the other thing you need to be careful of when packing is your clothes. Pack t shirts and underwear that absorbs moisture so that you will not be uncomfortable when you walk for long distances or work at the campsite. In order to protect yourself from both the sun and bugs you might need long sleeved t-shirts as well. Make sure to wear shoes or boots that are easier to walk in and pack some comfortable socks. Don’t forget to pack rainwear, a warm jacket and a hut and gloves/ mittens as well.

First-aid and Hygiene

These are the items you need to stay healthy and sanitary during your camping trip. A toiletry kit, a towel that will dry quickly, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer and enough toilet papers are some of the must haves for camping. Ladies will also need to remember to take menstrual products with them. If you have any prescribed medicine that you take, make sure to pack them with you because in a case of emergency you will not always be able to find a store close by for medicine. Make prepare a first-aid box with some essentials such as some painkillers, antiseptic, bandages and gauze. For a better camping experience also pack a sunscreen and a bug-repellent.

Having these items with you will make sure your camping trip goes perfectly without you having to worry about anything.

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