Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Bachelor Party

Let’s face it! There is a huge difference between the wedding planning that takes place from the bridal party in comparison to the groom’s side. Men are known to express their emotions less and this is why, even though they may be quite excited to get married, they may not show it as much as the bride. The same applies to the groom’s friends as well. While the bride’s entourage is all set to throw a stunning bachelorette party, the groomsmen haven’t even decided on a single detail. If you happen to be in charge of planning a stag party for your friend, here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Not Considering the Groom’s Choice

Sometimes, guys can actually be so insensitive that they fail to understand that the party isn’t about them. Taking the grooms personal preferences into consideration is of utmost importance. What is the point of spending all that time, effort and money if the main person is not happy? You wouldn’t want someone organizing a cricket-themed part when you don’t like it, so why do the same to your friend? Make sure you try to indirectly ask him how he would like his bachelor party to be.

No Proper Plan

If you take a look at the statistics at the number of stag parties that have failed in comparison to the bachelorette parties thrown by the bride’s friends, you will surely find a major difference between the two. This is mainly because men are terrible at planning and tend to put very little effort into executing the plan. Do not make this mistake. Make sure you discuss the plan with all your friends and confirm the date, time and venue. There are several venue options such as bars, discotheques and even places that offer bucks party boat hire services which include food, drinks,and entertainment.


In certain cases, the groomsmen can be so over-enthusiastic that they end up cramming in too many plans within a short period of time. This happens mostly when the friends decide to go on a bachelor’s trip over the weekend and end up trying to fit in too much within that short time span. Do not make this mistake as you will not be able to enjoy a single thing. Apart from this, you must ensure that each individual makes the payments in advance because you wouldn’t want someone cancelling at the last minute after you’ve paid for the flight tickets and other venue bookings out of your pocket.

Making mistakes is inevitable. Especially, when it comes to men who are making decisions regarding a party and planning each detail on their own. However, the good thing about throwing a party for a guy is that he won’t remember the mistakes that you make, whereas if you were to throw a party for the bride, she will remember almost every detail including the flaws. So, stop stressing and try not to mess up too much when planning a buck’s party.

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