How to Make Your Trip to Sri Lanka Unforgettable

If you’re thinking of visiting the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, then here are a few tips to make sure it’s an unforgettable one.

Figure Out the Right Time to Travel There

Sri Lanka is an island that is blessed when it comes to weather, seeing that it is sunny and bright almost all year long. However, they do have their share of rains and storms¾something you will need to keep an eye out for, as it may be a hindrance to try out certain activities like whale watching. There’s also the fact that though it is a country breathtaking all year long, there are certain months exclusive for certain activities like the Perahera (or the festival of the Tooth Relic). Keeping these in mind will make sure you don’t get left out of enjoying these activities.

Consider If You Want To Be a Tourist or an Explorer

Sri Lanka is a place welcome to all, be it that you are a tourist of a few days, or planning on staying a while as an explorer. In fact, Custom Sri Lanka tours can be arranged for individuals, couples or even families according to their interests. You also have the option of staying at luxury hotels at the country’s larger cities, or being holed away at a small yet scenic hotel/motel popular in smaller cities. One thing to keep in mind is that if it’s the urban life that interests you, you’ll be happier in the large cities, while the small cities will give you a more rustic experience.

Make Arrangements for Your Accommodation and Travel

Like any other trip, a trip to Sri Lanka too requires that you make arrange accommodations and travel ahead of time. Yes, there are cab services like Uber available; as well as their more popular mode of transport¾the tuk-tuks. However, this depends largely on what time your plane arrives. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to find out if your hotel provides airport pickup, to make sure you don’t waste your valuable vacation time hunting for travel arrangements on arrival.

Know the Right Clothing to Wear

When it comes to packing for the trip, we suggest you have a combination of clothing at hand. You will need light, summer-appropriate clothing to begin with. However, if you plan to visit the central province of the country, you will need clothing that can help you cover up a bit. Not only are their mornings and evenings a little chilly, you will also need to cover up if you want to visit the famed temple of the tooth relic. We also suggest investing in a good sunscreen as well as a hat that can shade you.

Leave Your Diet Rules Behind

Sri Lankan food is something you should not miss out on, so you might as well forget the rules you’ve set on your diet back home. Take time to explore their culture through their street foods as well as their starred cuisines to really get the full experience. Yes, the food can be a little spicy but most people keep the fact that you might not be able to handle heat as much as them in mind when offering food to you…so don’t be afraid to try!

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