How To Keep Your Car Safe Before Going On A Long Journey

Having a car gives you full freedom to drive wherever you want to go. However, there are instances where taking a car with you is a little bit hassle. When going on long vacations and off-road adventures, it would be best and safe for your car to be left at home. If you’re planning to leave your vehicle, here are some things to do to prepare your car before going out.

Lock It

No matter how long you’ll be gone, make sure that you lock your car before leaving it. It is actually a common thing car owners do to make sure your vehicle is safe from intruders. Don’t forget to roll up the windows.

Bring the Car Keys

You might think that leaving spare keys somewhere in the garage or your home is a good idea. However, you are actually risking your car’s safety when you do so. If some thief is interested in your car, finding a spare key to potential hiding places is one of the first things they usually do.

Park Your Car in a Well-Lit Place

Light is one of the basic deterrents for criminals. They are less likely to mess with your car when you park it under a street light when outdoors. If you have a garage, better set some motion-activated light so it switches on when someone is trying to break into your car. Avoid parking on dark alleys and shady, hidden places.

Opt for Airport-Parking

If you’ll be gone for only a few days to a week, storing your vehicle in your home’s garage or leaving it to a friend will do. However, if your vacation will last more than that duration, it is best to leave your car at an airport-parking. You can park your car safely here without worrying about burglars, hiring car maintenance or cleaning. No matter how long you’ll be away, your vehicle is surely in good hands.

Fill the Tank

Leaving your car with some gas on the tank is one of the essential things to do especially when the winter months are near. The more gas in the tank, the less likely it will freeze. You’ll also be assured that your car engine will run and you can drive home on your return.

Invest in Safety Tools

There are plenty of tools designed to keep your car safe while you’re away. Car alarms, steering wheel lock, kill switch and other security accessories helps ward off potential criminals from doing anything to your vehicle.

Leave it to a Friend

If you are really worried, better yet leave your car to someone you trust such as a neighbor or friend. Having someone checking up on it regularly and maintaining it can surely keep it in running condition.

Don’t Leave Valuables Inside

Empty your car with valuables before leaving it. Seeing valuable stuff inside a car tempts any potential criminal to break into your vehicle and take those.

Leaving your car need not be stressful. Contact only the trusted airport-parking provider in Tullamarine to be assured of your car’s safety.

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