How Often Should Car Detailing Be Done

Car detailing refers to the thorough cleaning and polishing of a car’s exterior and interior surfaces. Detailing is popular among car owners who want their vehicle show-ready all the time. There are several steps involved in an auto detailing process – washing, sealing, claying, polishing and interior cleaning. However, the schedule on how often detailing should be done is unclear especially if you’re still new in the automobile industry. If this question bothers you, here’s a helpful guide to know if it’s already time to schedule your car for a detailing service.

Washing Schedule

Most car owners recommend washing the car once a week. However, this varies according to your driving and usage of your car. If you drive out every day, you’ll notice that your vehicle accumulates dirt quicker. It could be from the dust on the road, mud marks, bird droppings and any other dirt that can stick to the car’s exterior. Cars that are frequently used need to be washes more often to avoid dirt from damaging the polish. However for rarely used vehicles, it is fine to wash every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on when it is needed. When washing the car, make sure to use smooth cloth and clean water to remove dirt and dry it gently. Most swirls on the polish are mainly caused by washing, especially when you’re using rough materials. It’s also fine to let your car be washed by the rain. Washing is the main step in protecting and keeping your car’s paint in good condition.

Sealing Schedule

Sealants make a car’s exterior look shiny. The life of the sealant depends on the weather condition and the storage of a vehicle. Vehicles well stored and protected in a garage tend to keep their lustre longer compared to cars just parked outside for a long time. Cars that are frequently used and subjected to factors such as dirt and rain also need a fresh coat of sealant every once in a while. By simply observing your car, you’ll know if it needs a new coat of sealant to bring back its shine.

Claying Schedule

Claying is basically done before polishing a car’s exterior. It is a method of removing contaminants on a car’s surface using a resin mixture. It is a safe way in removing dirt since it doesn’t leave scratch marks behind. It is recommended to schedule your car for clay detailing once or twice a year.

Polishing Schedule

Just like claying, polishing should also be done once or twice a year to maintain a fresh look in your car. Polishing removes swirl marks and other flaws on the paint so the colour looks even all throughout the surface. Make sure to use high quality polishing products to ensure best results.

Interior Detailing

Aside from keeping the exterior perfect, the inside of the car also needs some care. Regular vacuuming should be done every week or two keep the interior clean. The leather seats should be treated at least once a year to maintain it. Also, the air vents should be cleaned regularly at least twice a month.

With this guide, you’ll have an idea if it’s already time to schedule a detailing service.

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