Corporate Entertainment Ideas for Australian Companies

It can be tough to entertain a crowd of businesspeople, employees and clients at corporate events. The usual cocktail and snacks events can quickly get boring for attendees. Some fun and entertainment can certainly light up a strict business event. However, the challenge is to balance the formal nature of corporate events with the entertainment aspect. Keeping that in mind, here are several excellent entertainment ideas for business events:

Hire Musical Performers

This is one of the easiest ways to facilitate entertainment at the event. Depending on the budget, businesses can hire big-name artists or local indie bands to entertain the guests. The choice of musical genre is up to do. Assess the type of people who will be attending and choose the music as appropriate. For example, if the event features only clients and investors, then a jazz band or piano assemble would be the best suited. But if the event is mainly for employees, then you can hire dance DJs so everyone can let loose.

Introduce Some Magic

Magicians and magical tricks can be quite fun at business events without being too informal or boring. Magicians who perform card tricks are major hits at formal events. You can hire a magician to perform at a venue of your choice, or you can host your event at a specialised venue like The latter offers catering and entertainment options for corporate events at the 5-star Marriot hotel. It’s a great option for hosting an elegant event that is also fun and memorable for the attendees.

Get a Comedian

A comedian will be great to make everyone laugh at select corporate events. The jokes can vary depending on what the company is looking for. For example, some companies hire comedians to roast senior executives or owners at events. A sort of a local version of the White House Correspondent’s dinner. But that may not be to the taste of all corporate events. Comedians can also tell innocent jokes, The Office-style, making fun of everyday business life that everyone can enjoy without being offended. Depending on the nature of the corporate event, a comedian can be a great addition.

Do a Novelty Act

A novelty act can be many things. Exciting activities aimed at making everyone’s mouths drop are usually categorized as novelty acts. Think of fire eating, acrobatics, laser light shows, stage hypnotisms, or even speed painting. These are novelty acts with great entertainment value that business event planners can hire. Keep in mind that the venue should be suitable for certain acts, such as acrobatics or fire tricks. Some novelty acts may require setting up a stage in advance that might not be possible at some venues. Therefore, consider all of these in advance before hiring a novelty act.

Get a Dance Troupe

In addition to music, a dance troupe can entertain the guests on a stage. It’s a more classic type of entertainment that would be well suited for certain events. Dances can incorporate elements of the business too, such as products or service offered.

Don’t go overboard with the fun when it comes to corporate events. Choose a fun activity from the list above that most attendees can enjoy. Given how boring business events can usually be, some magic or a singer will be highly appreciated by the attendees.

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