Alternatives to Hotels for Your Next Australian Vacation

Australia is a great country to explore but expenses on your vacation can get out of hand if you plan on staying at hotels. Fares for hotels can vary depending on the location and the star level. In general, however, hotels in Australia are quite expensive. So if you are looking to save money on your Aussie vacation, here are several great alternatives to hotels to consider:

Housing Rentals

Probably the best way to avoid excessive hotel feels without giving up any comforts is to simply rent. Short-term rentals are highly popular in city areas among both local and foreign holiday goers. You might even be able to find scenic rooms that hotels can’t offer, such as waterfront apartments Geelong.

You can easily look up short-term rentals online for the location of your choice. Prices can vary depending on many factors. Size of the place and facilities available usually determines how much you have to pay. Thanks to the thriving rental scene in Australia, finding a great vacation rentals shouldn’t be a problem.

House Swap

You may have heard of house swapping or seen it in the movies. House swapping is really something you can do in Australia. It essentially involves swapping houses with another family from Australia, so both parties can enjoy a vacation without paying a lot of money for hotels.

House swapping isn’t without some downsides. It can be tricky to find a suitable family to exchange houses with. But there are websites that facilitate this practise. You might also be able to arrange this via your travel agency.


If you want super cheap accommodation, a hostel might be your best choice. Hostels offer space per individual in rooms with bunk beds. Most facilities are often shared with everyone else in the house, usually a dozen people or fewer.

Hostels are mainly aimed as affordable accommodation for backpackers and young people. You may not have as much privacy as you like with this option. You may have to cook your own food too. But the highly affordable price tag usually makes hostels highly appealing to those on a budget.


There’s no better way to experience everything Australia has to give than to spend your time with a local family. You don’t have to pay any money for a homestay. And you will be warmly welcomed by a local family. You can experience local cuisine, culture, and everything else first hand with a homestay.

Homestays are usually offered for young individuals, like students, as an alternative to paid accommodation. You can still find homestays willing to take on non-academic tourists, but you many need to look a bit more.

Camper or RV

You can uniquely explore the Australian countryside and cut back significantly on accommodation costs with an RV or a camper van. Renting one of these is usually cheaper compared to staying at a hotel for the same time period. There are different types of campers you can consider. You can drive one with an international driver’s license.

A camper is highly recommended if you want to go on a road trip in Australia. You can explore just about everywhere at the fraction of the usual accommodations costs. But RVs are not for everybody, of course. Nevertheless, no one can deny that the campervan is fund way to travel across Australia.

As you can see, hotel accommodation is not the only option. Next time you plan a trip Down South, try one of the suggestions to save money on accommodation.

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