5 Things You Need to Know About Travelling in Numbers

Travelling in groups can be quite the exciting experience. After all, you have all your best buds in one place ready to make some memories of a lifetime- but it does come with a hitch. The bigger the group, the more people you have to look out for. If you’re planning the excursion of a lifetime, take some time to read our tips on how to travel safely in a group!

Buddy System

It’s a famous saying that there’s always safety in numbers. Stick to it as much as you can during your trip. Establish a buddy system where two people of the group are assigned to stick with each other throughout any expedition or walk. It may sound like something typical of a school trip, but you’re travelling to a country you’ve never visited before or if this is a family getaway, then it’s worth investing in a system like this.

Door Checks

The last thing you want is for an intrusion of your privacy so if you’re going on a low budget trip  then someone has to step up to the plate and make sure that, at the end of each night, all the doors and windows are dead bolted and locked. This is also something you’ll want to remember if planning a trip to a big city.

Emergency Contact

If one of the group members lose their way, it always helps to have an emergency contact on hand. Make sure every one of your group members has each other’s contacts saved on their phones. However, just in case your mobile phone does die out and you find yourself stranded, it helps to have a tangible card with your hotel’s address and number written down so you can borrow a phone, ask directions and make your way back. There’s only so much you can trust your devices to get you through the day!

Wise Decisions

Needless to say, you need to do your fair share of research before you set off on your vacation. The internet is your best friend so be it a trip to Africa or a tour around Europe, make sure to select a secure location to set up base. If travelling with family, you’ll need accommodation where the kids’ rooms and the chaperone’s room is closely connected. Learn more about the community that you’ll be stepping into so you can understand why some actions or clothes may be frowned upon whereas others would be accepted. It’s always great to be well informed on your surroundings.


It’s especially when you’re going to crowded places like hot attractions or theme parks that you need to accept the very real possibility of someone splitting off from the rest of the group. Pick a spot- easy to locate or perhaps a lost and found that you mark out before all the excitement begins. This is something you absolutely must do when you’re travelling with kids.

This is everything you need to know about travelling in numbers. Stay safe out there!

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